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Adelaide Building Services

Adelaide Building Services Engineering

Born and bred in South Australia, Adelaide Building Engineering Group provide building services engineering consulting services spanning the following specialist disciplines:

  • Mechanical Services Engineering

  • Electrical Services Engineering

  • Hydraulic Services Engineering

  • Fire Protection Services Engineering

  • Fire Safety Engineering


Our Specialist Disciplines

Our diverse building services engineering consulting offering is split into the following specialist business groups 

Adelaide Mechanical Engineers.png

Adelaide Mechanical Engineers

  • Air Conditioning Systems

  • Ventilation Systems

  • Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Specialist Exhaust Systems

  • Smoke Hazard Management Systems

  • Medical Gases

  • NCC Section J Analysis

  • Equipment Lifecycle Analysis

Adelaide Electrical Engineers.png

Adelaide Electrical Engineers

  • Low Voltage Power Distribution Systems

  • General Lighting Systems

  • Feature Lighting Systems

  • Solar Power Systems

  • ICT/Communications Systems

  • Security Systems

  • Emergency and Exit Lighting Systems

Adelaide Hydraulic Engineers

Adelaide Hydraulic Engineers

  • Sanitary Drainage Systems

  • Hot/Cold Water Reticulation Systems

  • Gas Reticulation Systems

  • Siphonic and Conventional Stormwater Drainage Systems

  • Trade Waste Drainage Systems

Adelaide Fire Engineers
  • Fire Hydrant Systems

  • Fire Hose Reel Systems

  • Portable Fire Extinguishers

  • Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Automatic Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems 

  • Performance Solutions, Fire Engineering Briefs (FEBs) and Fire Engineering Reports (FERs)

Adelaide Building Services Engineering

Adelaide Building Engineering Group

ABN 24 646699505

Trading as Adelaide Fire Engineers, Adelaide Mechanical Engineers, Adelaide Electrical Engineers and Adelaide Hydraulic Engineers

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